Jeff Haller, Educational Director

My time with Moshe was short.  I studied directly with him for two years in Amherst, and for a short time in Israel. His perspective was (and still is) so compelling that there were certain sentences he uttered which have stayed with me:  

  • "I can lift a person's head without changing the tone in my arms."

  • "In walking we feel the head of the fourth metatarsal."

  • "It doesn't matter what you think, it only matters what you do."

  • Moshe, what makes a good lesson? "Friendly hands."

  • Or my personal favorite, "Hey, stupid athlete, it's not human movement."

These statements lead me to an extraordinarily rich, at times torturous, personal and professional study to understand what Moshe was talking about, and how he acquired his understanding of awareness and human function.

In 1983, I founded Inside Moves and have had a successful and fulfilling private practice working with a wide variety of clients ranging from those with severe disabilities to PGA golfers and NHL hockey players.

From 1993 to today, my primary focus has been to train Feldenkrais Method teachers. I have participated in over 30 trainings and have been the Educational Director for training programs in Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver BC, New Zealand, and Victoria, BC. In addition, I have run numerous Advanced Trainings where I have refined my teaching and honed in on developing a curriculum that enables practitioners to be successful. I have presented at the annual FGNA conference many times.


Laura Yedwab, Co-Director

I graduated from Jeff Haller's Victoria 2 training and founded my Feldenkrais practice, Kinetic Inquiry, in 2012. During my training, I became frustrated by my inability to find and learn about ATM lessons. I created Feldy Notebook so that the community had an easy way to collect, organize, and share our vast knowledge of ATMs. 

Before delving into the world of Feldenkrais, I spent 20 years in the computer industry, first as a programmer, then as a manager, and finally managing the Natural Language Group at Microsoft. I have a Master’s degree in computer science from M.I.T.


Lila Hurwitz, Administrator

A professional dancer and movement educator, I completed my Feldenkrais training in Berkeley in 1997. I have taught Feldenkrais, dance improvisation, Authentic Movement, and related topics at the University of Washington Dance Program, Cornish College of the Arts, Hampshire College, Oberlin College Dance Department, Conduit Studio (Portland) and many other venues. A lifelong organizer and administrator, I was Associate Director of Artist Trust and Administrative Director/Co-Artistic Director of the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, which I co-founded and produced for 18 years. I am co-owner of Doolittle+Bird, a project management firm that loves working with artists, scientists, Feldenkrais practitioners, and non-profit organizations.


Susanne Braun, Assistant Trainer, Basel Co-Coordinator

I graduated from my Feldenkrais Training in 2005 in Biel, Switzerland. My colleague and friend Martina Rumpf drew my attention to Jeff Haller’s work. Joining his first IOPS Academy in NYC (2015–2017) left us deeply convinced that his teaching and what he has to offer to our community is of great value. We are very happy to make IOPS Academy available in Europe! It is time well spent and I am looking forward to spend it with you. I have a background as a professional dancer/choreographer and opened m.a. studio, a space and network for Feldenkrais, dance and other areas of somatic learning, in 2006. I have been an Assistant Trainer since 2016, which allows me to visit Professional Trainings in Switzerland and abroad, continuing this journey of learning, sharing, and growing.

martina rumpf.jpeg

Martina Rumpf, Assistant Trainer, Basel Co-Coordinator

I am a dancer and dance teacher, and run a private Feldenkrais practice in Basel. I completed my Feldenkrais Training 2009, and enjoy exploring and playing with relationships between Feldenkrais and Dance in my classes. Since 2018 I have been an Assistant Trainer. One of my passions is traveling. In 2014 I volunteered as a Feldenkrais Practitioner at the Main Hospital in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia. While there, in my free time I searched on YouTube for inspiring Feldenkrais videos and by chance found some FI lessons with Jeff Haller. Result: I enthusiastically participated in the first IOPS Academy in New York 2015–2017 and I co-organized with Susanne Braun the “Self-Organization” Advanced Training with Jeff in Basel, which is now followed up by IOPS Switzerland! At the moment I am also involved in another exciting project: developing a program and teaching it to the staff in children’s homes in Kyrgyzstan to support their work with handicapped children—using Feldenkrais ideas.