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  • Can I attend parts of the program but not the whole program, e.g., could I attend only the online classes, just one of the live segments, or only the Master Class?
    No. As an intensive, integrated program, the power of the program will come from us moving through the whole curriculum together. The one exception is that a non-certified, online-only version of the course is offered for participants that live outside of North America (for US programs only). Please contact us for more information on this option.
  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?
    If you paid with a single payment (Option 1 or 2) then:
    • If you cancel 30 days before the first live segment, then you will be refunded the full amount minus an administration fee.
    • If you cancel 60 days before the second live segment, then you will be refunded 50%.
    • If you cancel 60 days before the third live segment, then you will be refunded 20%.
    If you paid with an installment plan (Option 3), then:
    • If you cancel 30 days before the first live segment, then you will be refunded the full amount minus an administration fee.
    • Otherwise, there is no refund. You can simply stop making payments.
  • What about housing?
    Housing is not included in the cost of the program. Participants are responsible for finding their own housing.
  • I'm a trainee. Can I be in the program?
    Yes, as long you have completed the second year of your training and meet the program prerequisites.


  • Is there homework? How much time should I allocate to doing the homework?
    Yes, there are regular homework assignments as part of the online classes. Feedback has been that the homework is one of the most valuable parts of the program.

    Between each live segment, there are six to 10 online classes, depending on the program. The online classes are two hours each and are usually scheduled to occur every other week. For each online class, you will have to watch one day of video.

    In addition, there often are written/video assignments that would take at most an hour to complete for each online class.
  • As a certified IOPS Academy practitioner, what kind of clients will I be able to work with, e.g., athletes, injured people, martial artists, golfers, etc.?
    You will be able to work with a wide variety of people. Regardless of the activity your client engages in, you will understand how to apply the principles of ideal organization and profound strength.
  • Where can I get a copy of the competency profile?
    The FGNA Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile will be e-mailed to you before the start of the program.

Live Segments

  • Will the live segments be recorded?
    The classes will be "unprofessionally" recorded and the recordings made available to the participants free of charge. All copyrights stay with Inside Moves, LLC.
  • Can I get a refund if I am not able to attend one of the live segments?
    Unfortunately not. This is an integrated program and we encourage you to find a way to attend all the live segments. If you can't attend a live segment, you should watch the recording of the segment.
  • Can I get an FI from Jeff during live segments?
    Jeff will be available to do a very small number of FIs after some of the training days. A signup sheet will be posted during the training. All participants in the Master Class will receive one FI from Jeff sometime during the training.

Online Classes

  • How do online classes work?
    The online classes will use teleconferencing software provided by It is similar to Skype except much more powerful. Participants can see each other and converse with Jeff. Jeff will be able to show videos, as well as do live FI demonstrations, and teach ATM classes.
  • What are the requirements for my computer to be in the online segments: software; OS version; etc.?
    You will need to have access to a computer with a webcam, microphones, and an internet connection that meet the system requirement listed here.
  • Can I submit written questions for the online sessions in advance?
  • What if I’m not available at the time of the online classes?
    All online classes will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to the participants.
  • How do I get to the the online forum?
    Instructions on how to access the online forum will be sent to all participants a few months prior to the start of the program.

Video Recordings

  • How much time should I expect to spend on video study in between the segments?
    Each live segment has a corresponding Advanced Training recording. The expectation is that participants will have reviewed, studied, and worked with the recording for the segment prior to attending the live segment.

Graduation and Certification

  • How does graduation work? Is there a testing procedure?
    Graduation will include a self-assessment process to reflect on the changes you made since the beginning of the program.
  • What is the certification I will receive upon graduation?
    Graduates will receive the IOPS Academy Graduate Program certification. You can add "IOPS Practitioner" after your "GCFP."

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