The IOPS Academy offers you several important advantages:

Foundation of Ideal Organization and Profound Strength

The program offers you Jeff Haller’s focused perspective and deep understanding of function and functional strength. Jeff's background as an athlete, martial artist, construction worker, and Feldenkrais trainer provides the rich background against which this material is displayed and made available for your study and benefit.  

Unified and Cohesive Curriculum

We will study the theme of ideal organization and profound strength—how to develop it in yourself and in your clients—from many different functional perspectives. Each segment takes you further into your understanding, helping you craft confident FI lessons that respond to and meet the specific needs of your client in the moment.

Strong Community

The program offers a connected community of like-minded practitioners and staff learning together. 

Ongoing Support and Learning

Rich in-person segments alternate with interactive online classes. You'll build momentum with the help of online classes, extensive videos, and an online forum where participants share successes, post questions, and interact with each other throughout the program.

Emphasis on Preparation and Study

Between the live segments, you'll use video recordings and online classes to study, investigate and practice. The in-person group segments that follow this preparation will thus be more fertile and focused for your questions, training, and growth.

Competency-Based Program

A self-administered competency profile will help you examine and understand your strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner. It will be our job to help you develop in the areas you most need to grow.

Certificate of Training

Upon completing the program, practitioners will be certified as IOPS practitioners. Your colleagues and clients will know that you have brought Ideal Organization and Profound Strength into your life and practice.

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Based on years of exposure to various Feldenkrais teachers, I consider Jeff Haller one of the great masters. Students I’ve referred to him rave about the benefits from his work. And his recordings of advanced training programs for practitioners are exceptional.
— Artie Egendorf, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Author of Legacies of Vietnam and Healing from the War