The IOPS Format

IOPS is an integrated training program with a cohesive curriculum and philosophy. You are supported throughout the 18 months so you can integrate your learning into your practice. The program consists of seven segments (four live and three online), studies of video recordings, and a community forum. Click here for the dates and locations. The order of segments is as follows:

Live Segment | Online | Live Segment | Online | Live Segment | Online | Live Segment

Live Segments

The four in-person segments are four (New York) or five (Seattle) days each. 

Online Segments

The online segments are taught between the live segments. Each consists of six interactive online classes. The classes are recorded for those unable to attend in real time. In the online classes, Jeff will explain, demonstrate, and elaborate on key parts of the curriculum. He will show video footage of lessons and other relevant material, pausing at key moments to discuss the finer points of what is happening. This is an ideal time to ask about the issues that come up in your practice. The technology will allow you to post and get feedback on short videos of your work with clients. You will be able to see and talk to Jeff and your colleagues. The online classes are 90-120 minutes long. 

Video Training Library

You will study a video recording set prior to each live segment. Each set includes ATMs, FI demonstrations, and discussions. We encourage to study with a partner or in a small group. The four sets are:

  • Discovering Patterns in Functional Integration 
  • Discovering the Roots of Internal Strength
  • Perspectives on Walking
  • Crafting Functional Integration Lessons with Confidence
I have just finished Jeff Haller’s DVDs… They are superb. He is able to define for many of us this elusive concept about strength.
— Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP, CPI, PMA®-CPT
Thanks for putting out your workshops on DVD. I think you are doing the most exciting work in the Feldenkrais profession right now.
— Staffan Elgelid, GCFP, Ph.D, PT

Community Forum

An online forum will enable you to pose questions and discuss topics with your colleagues.


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