As you review the videos and reflect on the Discovering Pattern's material, here are some questions you might consider:

  1. What does Jeff mean by “Biological Fitness”?

  2. What is Jeff’s personal “keel”?

  3. Can you roll someone’s head by touching their shoulder either toward your hand or away?

  4. For yourself and for your clients, can you detect how the following movements are initiated and whether the initiation is the same on the left or right sides:

    • Lying on your back and lengthening one arm

    • Lying on your side and rolling to your back

    • Lying on your stomach and bringing one knee up

    • Lying on your back and lifting one knee

    • Can you think of other patterns that we played with? 

  5. How does the ability to see the moment of initiation in #4 help in giving FIs?

  6. Can you:

    • Roll  from your side to back using flexion and using extension

    • Transition from lying on your back to sitting using at least 4 unique paths (head to knee, coming up over the elbow, using extension, using a long spine)

    • Crawl with power

  7. What are “ground forces” and how do you personally experience them when you sit, stand, and walk.

  8. What does Jeff mean by “coming away from the ground” and not “pushing into the ground”?

  9. Can you demonstrate “coming away from the ground” while lying on your back, side, and stomach?

  10. Can you help your client “come away from the ground”  while they are lying on their back, side, or stomach.

  11. What was the meaning of the “lint” experiment?