Feldy Notebook is a collaborative, community resource of Awareness through Movement Lessons.  On October 25th, 2015, Laura Yedwab conducted an online training called “Mastering Feldy Notebook”. 

 Laura took the class through a tour of Feldy Notebook, showing off a number of interesting pages:

  • AY 302 : an example of a lesson with a fun video

  • AY 374: An example of a lesson with an audio recording

  • What is Good Posture: an example of a lesson with lots of insights and supporting materials.

Besides providing an easy way to find lessons, Feldy Notebooks allows you to group lessons by themes

Laura demonstrated how to create a new lesson, i.e. the Amherst lesson: Flexing the Upper body, Elbow to Knee, and how that lesson could be tagged to automatically appear in the appropriate theme.

The recording of the class can be found on the home page of Feldy Notebook.