A spontaneous testimonial from Feldenkrais trainer Jerry Karzen during his 2011 visit to Jeff's training program in Victoria, British Columbia. Jeff had just finished giving a Functional Integration lesson to a student in the training; this was captured during the discussion that followed.

"Thanks for putting out your workshops on DVD. I think you are doing the most exciting work in the Feldenkrais profession right now. You are adding things that will make it more useful to the public. I am still watching the "Using Resistance" DVD. Your teaching is so concrete and immediate in that DVD. I can see how people have to re-organize themselves when we apply the one-finger resistance. It is like the whole organism has to think. To me most lessons and DVDs I listen to are just repackaging of certain ATMs under a new name. What you teach is new and evolutionary. I can actually observe how the nervous system organizes itself in a new way to find a solution to a problem/constraint. This gets me excited about the Feldenkrais Method again!!!"
—Staffan Elgelid, GCFP, Ph.D, PT

"Based on years of exposure to various Feldenkrais teachers, I consider Jeff Haller one of the great masters. Students I've referred to him rave about the benefits from his work. And his DVDs of advanced training programs for practitioners are exceptional. He speaks simply, directly and clearly, while also mustering great subtlety, depth and refinement, in the way he responds to people and the challenges they bring to him. That he also has a very easy, delightful way with people is a great plus."
—Artie Egendorf, Ph.D

"Jeff's material is for me a kind of demystification of the magic of Feldenkrais' legacy. This pedagogical material is for me like having a unique and very helpful look "behind the scenes" of the Feldenkrais-magic. I don't know any clearer demystification of the work. This material is as if a 'Feldenkrais-magician' lets you see into his cards..."
—Phillip Unseld, GCFP, Assistant Trainer

"Jeff Haller is truly a master teacher of teachers. I have learned from my work with him over the years to deepen my understanding and practice of the Feldenkrais Method through embodied presence and precision in my own self-use and organization. Jeff's exceptional clarity and deep understanding of this learning process has led to me being able to find my own self-sustaining support and the path of potent maturity. I look to Jeff as a model for teaching, true inspired creativity, and most importantly, a way of embodying "wu wei"—the effortless, spontaneous not-doing in life."
—Dwight Pargee, GCFP, Assistant Trainer, former President FGNA. 

"Jeff Haller's workshops are endlessly interesting and useful. He articulates, brilliantly and with exceptional clarity, his profound understanding of the Feldenkrais Method. The principles that he teaches are immediately translatable and beneficial for my clients, and increase exponentially both my own learning and theirs. No practitioner should miss what Jeff has to offer. If you can't attend a workshop, watch or listen to them on a DVD or CD!"
—Carey Meredith, GCFP

"I bought the recordings of the Feldenkrais Annual Conference, and did the ATM series you presented. I was moved. Gratitude. It touches me on many levels, the interesting 'content' (about not sinking into the ground and the detail you bring to that), the fascinating experience in myself that was elicited, and gratitude for the lifetime of study, thought and teaching that you have done to come to being able to present something so elegant, personable, and significant contribution to the images and understanding that belong to the method."
—Keith Johnson, GCFP

"One of the best decisions I have made is mentoring with Jeff Haller… My practice has improved dramatically in the last two years. The sensitivity of my touch and my understanding of what exactly I am touching has increased. I am much clearer within myself and my thoughts are less cluttered as I work. I have improved my ability to give my students something significant, in both FI and ATM, that they understand and can take away with them. This all makes for more true confidence and I find my work much lighter and easier and more rewarding."
—Janet Wilson, GCFP

"I want to share how potent my experience from both your Workshop and ATM series at the Feldenkrais Annual Conference was for me. They are living in me each and every day and showing themselves in every FI and ATM I am teaching so far."
—Peggie Honig, GCFP, LMT, Hypnotherapist, MPNLP

“Jeff’s interpretation of the Feldenkrais Method is biologically accurate, functionally rooted and pedagogically masterful. Over the years Jeff has made the path of maturation for practitioners more and more explicit. He has refined his teaching of self-organization to a high art, and his understanding of how to use ground forces holds the view, the practice and the fruition of a highly skilled master Feldenkrais practitioner. The biggest change in my work since training with Jeff is that I am no longer confused about what the client needs. I no longer have vague hope or baseless confidence in what I can do for them as a Feldenkrais teacher. Instead I’m clear and confident in my own ability to see function, to work with their abilities, and get them back on the right track in their life. This graduate program provides professional practitioners with an incredibly stable base of skill, knowledge and discipline from which to maintain a thriving private practice and career.”
—Andrew Gibbons, MM, GCFP

"Studying with Jeff was the most transformative experience I've had as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Over the years of practicing the Method prior to studying with Jeff, I became flexible, but at the same time noticed how I was becoming weaker and wasn't able to recover from a serious injury I had in my neck that had pained me for several years. Through Jeff's unique teaching I've gained a new and much deeper understanding of function, and learned how to use my self for strength and power. Within a few months of practicing Jeff's self-organization material the pain I had in my neck disappeared. My work with my clients has improved tremendously as I can provide them now with better support while maintaining my comfort, and my understanding of their organization is clearer. Jeff's self-organization material is essential for practitioner's understanding of the Feldenkrais work and I highly recommend it."
—Anat Meiri, GCFP

"Just finished the third series: inspiring, humbling, masterful teaching because it seems potentially learnable. The repetition of themes and strategies and moves in different contexts, the macro to the micro, support, support, support—it's great stuff. I expected to be finished with the six series by now—almost a year and a half —but it's so rich that I do best a bit at a time: think about, absorb, apply; I could write an essay after every half hour of video. I really look forward to the following, especially Walking and Resistance. Thanks again for the help. It is a legacy... an amazing contribution to the Work."
—Brian Lynn, GCFP

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