Unstable Balance

from Dwight:

In Body and Mature Behavior, Chapter 8, Erect Posture and Action, Moshe explains the advantages of unstable balance. When the center of gravity is high there is maximum potential energy. In this situation, movement feeds on the accumulated potential energy.

Movement is fueled by three main types of energy:

  • Potential energy that represents the energy stored in the system
  • Kinetic energy created by the motion of the system
  • Chemical energy that "feeds" the muscular activity.

The act of walking integrates the three energies. As the integration is perfected, so walking is improved, and vice versa.

In ideal movement, meaning movement without energy loss, there is faultless transfer between kinetic energy and potential energy (both gravitational and pulling forces on tendons, like a spring’s energy potential). In the physical world there is a process of energy loss, therefore chemical energy that is translated into movement through muscle action comes into play to, on one hand, preserve the movement and, on the other hand, to control the movement.

Great article about this: https://www.achievingexcellence.com/The-Paradox-of-Unstable-Stability.html